Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Perfect Love

Oh! What manner of love is this?
Unconditional, perfect and does persist;
Patiently awaiting the one who stands in resist.

Why do you continually reject
The One who hung;
The friend,
 Who gave His life
In order to remove all your strife?

Resist no more,
The One who stands at your door;
Arms open wide
Waiting for you to abide
In His love, from which you can no longer hide.

Embrace, dear child,
The simple fact
That Jesus on your behalf did act.

Turn to Him
On no flippant whim
And in triumph declare
Your heart He did win!


  1. I was just in a Heidi Baker conference so I feel like I've been marinated in love for 3 days. Love the poem.

    1. What a wonderful blessing! Thanks for the comment :)

  2. You write so beautifully Lysa. Your post are always wonderful reminders of Gods love! Thank you sweetie for coming by and seeing me through these last days not to mention the last year. You're always full of kindness and love and that's why your always in my heart.

    I really came by to thank you for the kind and loving emails while we've gone through the difficult loss of Neils mom. But you've been there for me all along over the past couple of years and it has meant so much to me. Thank you! I've signed up as a follower on gfc again. I don't know why it says I'm not every time I visit. You new blog look too is so pretty ~ I really love it!
    Hugs...Tracy ♥

    P.S. Can I trouble you for one more prayer. It's been a long time since Neil and I have gone to church since we were so busy with his mother and you know just worn out once we put her in the nursing home. Anyway you know my heart. After the funeral Neil said he'd be willing to go back with me but now he's starting to go through depression all over again. I can't motivate him to leave the house but I could see how he was doing better when around others. I know it's only been a few days but I so want him (as well as myself) to go back to church. Will you please remember that in your prayers?

    I hope your feeling better. I'm always as close as the computer and just let me know if you want to talk by phone. God bless you for your sweet heart.
    ♥ U....Tracy :)

    1. Tracy,
      You are so deeply loved by the Lord. He delights in you.
      Thank you for your encouraging words!
      And, as always, you remain in my heart & prayers!
      <3 you too :)


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