Friday, January 27, 2012

God Thoughts No. Forty Eight

The other day, 
a friend sent me a text message 
about how he had been feeling some things in his spirit
 that he was being prompted to pray over.
Then the Lord awakened him at one in the morning 
and had him intercede on those things.
He had stayed up all that day and was feeling very tired.

After a while, 
Holy Spirit told me to pray for rest for this friend 
and so I texted back that 
I was, indeed, praying for him to have peaceful rest 
when his “prayer assignment” was finished.

That led to a little “text discussion” 
where the Lord had me say,
 “Rest is good. It is from God. 
He enjoys resting with us; 
like a parent with their baby”.

It turned out to be a two-fold “a-ha” moment for us both.

The Lord blessed me with that beautiful picture 
as both my friend and I remembered how sweet 
that time with our infant children really was.

Then came the “a-ha” that we have been taught, 
“Rest in the Lord” 
(which is great);
But, how often do we hear,
 “Rest with the Lord”?

A child rests in a parent
(or caregiver)
 because he been taken care of by them.
It is a natural process for a small child.

But to rest with that parent 
is to feel love, comfort and intimate relationship.

At first, we learn to rest in the Lord;
 that is, trust Him, refuge in Him.
But to rest with the Lord 
is to have close, intimate relationship with Him.

Rest with the Lord shifts and expands 
our realization of the relationship.
God goes from caregiver & protector to 
caregiver, protector, lover, friend, Dad.

What an amazing thing that God, 
Creator of everything, 
came to have loving, intimate relationship 
with those whom He created

He is not only a God to be revered, 
but a loving, nurturing Father 
to be loved & known!

Oh how He loves us!

Are you accepting that love? 

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