Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ebb & Flow

I absolutely love the ocean.
If I could be anywhere right now,
it would be on a beach somewhere.
a cool, balmy beach.

So many thoughts
have swirled around like a whirlpool
in my mind already this morning;
Bits and pieces of Scripture
doing their perfect work in my spirit.

Looking over my posts so far this year,
I realize that my thoughts, moods and emotions
seem to ebb and flow like the ocean.
One day my faith comes crashing in like the surf of a high tide.
The next day my faith is calm and peaceful like the flow of a low tide.
Then the next day my faith ebbs;
 back into the sea of thought, mood & emotion.
What a human mess I am!

The past couple of weeks,
the Lord has been reminding me that faith is a gift
(1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 2)
I don't have to strive for more faith,
I simply need to use the gift I've already been given.

I read a quote this morning;
"Don't trust in your own faith. Faith is trust in the work of Christ."
Without the work of Christ,
I have no faith anyway!

As I share my thoughts in these posts,
I ask you to please pardon
the soggy, dripping gift I present
as it has been swimming around in the ocean of my messy life.
And hey, Jesus just said,
"Lysa, you're a beautiful wet mess;
Just like the ocean that you love so much."

Thank you , Jesus, for that wonderful word of gracious encouragement!

How about you;
 are you using your gift of faith today;
allowing Jesus to have His perfect way in encouraging you?

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