Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wanna Know a Secret?

The key to
(keeping it simple sweetie)
can be summed up in one word:

~ L O V E

I don't have to understand everyone.
Nor is it my job to fix people.
I have been commanded to
~ L O V E

And it is so

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Are You Doing Today?

If I woke up today, 
then God has already given me 
the strength I need to get through the day. 

It is my choice, then,
 to look at it negatively or positively; 
to make it difficult or easy;
to grumble or to rejoice.

The day may not go
 exactly as I would like it to, 
but God is with me and 
has equipped me for whatever happens.

In a society that chooses 
to focus on the negative, 
I will focus on the positive.

 Rather than grumble 
about the things that I cannot change,
 I will, instead,
be a blessing to others and 
ask God to change what He will.

Jesus said to proclaim the good news. 
And the good news is that
 He loves us. 
HE has accomplished 
everything good for us.

And when we choose
 to cooperate with Him, 
we bring His kingdom to the earth.

Since I woke up today, 
I can rest assured that
 He has equipped me with 
strength and power 
to manifest 
a piece of heaven 
in my little spot on earth.

What are you doing today?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feeling it in My Heart

The human capacity for inflicting pain 
upon one another never ceases to amaze me 
or to break my heart.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” 
is a cliché that has been all too true in my life.

People come and people go; 
each one for a reason, each one for a season.

The world says to let them go and to not look back,
 to write them off or to bid them good riddance.

But God says to let go as they move on, 
and to allow them to keep a piece of my heart 
and if, one day, they bring it back, 
to welcome them with fervent love but if not,
 to always remember them with that same fervent love.

It doesn’t matter how they love me, 
but it is how I love them that matters.

For me to love any less 
than Jesus does is error, arrogance-
not true love at all.

I don’t love just a little bit. 
I love deeply, passionately and whole-heartedly. 
It’s the only way I know how to love.

So regardless of the pain 
or whether they love me back or not, 
each person I encounter, 
spend time with or invest in
 gets a piece of my heart. 
Whether they want it or not, 
whether they know it or not,
 it’s theirs.

Because this is what Jesus has done for all of us. 

And I don’t care what the world says, 
I want to be like Jesus.

And because He, who began this work in me,
 is faithful to complete it, 
my poor heart will endure.

I just wish it didn’t hurt so much sometimes.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wayward Dog

Our little dog, Jake, has run off every day this week. 
He takes off in the morning and is gone for hours.
He comes back tired, cold, sore and filthy.
He is an old dog and knows better, yet, he does it anyway.
And no amount of scolding seems to make any difference.

We don’t know why he insists on running off.
We provide him with everything he needs;
A home, warm bed, companionship, plenty of food…
Yet, he can’t seem to help himself.

Doesn’t he realize that in running off he could be hit by a car, 
become a coyote’s next meal or be picked up by animal control?

When he came trotting home the other day, 
in frustration,
 I told my youngest daughter that I didn’t want anything to do with him.
She promptly went over to him and sternly said, 
“Jake, you need to stop running off. 
But don’t worry, I still love you.”

And then it hit me. 
We aren’t any different than Jake.
We have a Father who loves us and cares for us.
He has told and shown us how to live 
that we might experience all of His blessings and benefits.
Yet, often, we choose to do otherwise.
And afterwards, we come trotting back, 
fully expecting that nothing “at home” has changed.
Indeed nothing has.
God still loves us.

In the midst of or because of our rebellion, 
there may be consequences to endure.
We just might encounter that speeding car, 
hungry coyote or ruthless dog-catcher.
Poor decisions do lead to pain and injury.
But God still loves us.

And just as it is my hope, every morning when I let Jake out, 
that he will take care of business and promptly return 
to his warm and loving home,
so it is with the Lord and His children.

When we awake each morning, 
may we choose to walk and live in the way 
that is pleasing and acceptable to Him.
Not because we are performance driven,
 but because we are compelled by the wonder 
of His great and magnificent love toward us. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Power & Might

Not by power.
Not by might.
But by the spirit of the Lord.

I have learned to revel in my weakness.
It is in my weakness that He is strong.
Not because He is weak if I am strong.
But because when I am weak, 
I allow His strength to come forth.

I have learned that the faster I say,
“Not in my own strength, but in Yours Lord” 
the sooner I am on the path of perfection.

Not that everything goes smoothly and perfectly, 
but that I know I am on the path of His choosing.
Not the path of least resistance, 
but the path of His divine will for my life.

I have learned, 
when faced with a dilemma, challenge or decision, 
to follow the way of peace.
Not that the whole road is peaceful, rather, 
I am filled with the peace of knowing 
that at the end of the road,
 the outcome will be good.

All things work together for good.
 God works all things out for good.
Not just some things, 
~all things. 
Not just big or important things, 
~ all things.
And even the things that we mess up. 
Yes, all things.

~If we allow Him to.

Not by (my) power.
Not by (my) might.
But by the spirit, leading and guidance of the Lord!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fear Not

We have a cat that is a bit neurotic.
She is, literally, afraid of her own shadow.

This morning she was peacefully eating at her dish. 
But as I walked by her, 
she darted away as if I was going to harm her.

I shook my head and said to her, 
“Tahoe, it really hurts my feelings when you run away from me. 
I take care of you. 
When have I ever hurt you?”

Then I saw the Lord smiling at me.
He said, 
“Now you know how I feel 
whenever my children are afraid.
 There is no need to fear -
the world, people, circumstances, 
the future
or anything else.

I am your Father and I take care of you.
 The amount of fear, 
anxiety, nervousness 
and doubt in your heart 
reveals your true level of trust in Me.”

Much fear = Little trust.
No fear = Perfect trust.

Monday, January 14, 2013


“Keep It Simple Sweetie.”

Loving words of wisdom whispered in my ear
by a loving Savior.
The more I get to know the Lord, 
the simpler life and relationship with Him becomes.

I think in the end we will find:
That the things we thought mattered most 
– don’t;

That the things we thought we knew 
– we didn't;

That we twisted too many Scriptures to fit our own agendas
 - instead of allowing it to have its perfect way in our hearts;

That we prayed more prayers for others according to our own wills 
- rather than according to God’s will;

That the judgments we felt justified in passing 
– weren't justified at all;

And that we made relationship with Him 
and with people 
- far more difficult than it had to be.

Oh to be more like you Jesus!

Thank you that it is accomplished in You 
and that all we have to do is 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Life, Lessons & Love

To love people more – 
the way that Jesus does. 
For the past few years now, 
this has been one of the major lessons of my life.

My heart is heavy.
My heart is heavy for all the people in my life 
who are hurting;
For those whose 
lives, hearts and spirits 
are broken.

The Lord gives me knowledge, insight, a look 
at what is going on inside of them.
He fills me with love and empathy 
so I am able – 
blessed – 
to be able to share in their suffering. 
This is what it means to 
bear one another’s burdens.

We all need to know that 
we’re not alone and 
to have just one person 
who remains true and consistent; 
who does not judge 
or incessantly need to 
make their opinion known, 
but who loves, comforts and encourages.

It is the greatest commandment – 
to Love.

And to love truly is to love unconditionally.

To love unconditionally 
is look beyond everything else 
and into a person’s soul,
 without comment or judgment, 
and to say, 
“You have value and worth.”

Jesus did this for me. 
So what right do I have 
to do any less for anyone else?

The only right we really have is - 
to Love.

In fact, it is a right and a privilege.
I only wish more people would see it as such.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

So Far this Year...

January 1, 2013
More Faith. Less fear.
This is my resolution.
I want to do and be all that God wants 
without fear; without hesitation.
This is my resolution.
More Faith. No fear.

January 2, 2013
Who can I bless today?
This is my motto.
Every day I will ask, 

I have a friend in need; a dear, sweet, young friend who is hurting. 
I long to comfort her, to be by her side and to give her a hug. 
She indicates that she wishes I could be there to hug her. 
To go to her would mean an 80 mile drive-one way 
and 80 miles back. 
It’s going to cost me. 
It doesn't matter. 
She matters.
And the kids-
I have to arrange for them to get where they’re going later in the day. 
I will give their friend gas money to “taxi” them. 
I have $10.00 in my purse. 
I will give him that.

Gas station,  $25.00 because it’s all I can “afford” and it will get me where I am going and back. 
A woman asking for “help”: gas for her vehicle. 
She and her husband are “stranded”; out of state license plates; trying to get back to Oklahoma. 
I tell her I can do $5.00 on my debit card because I don’t have any cash. 
She says that $5.00 would be great. 
Swiped debit card, began pumping gas. 
Didn't stop at $5.00; kept going. 
Tried to stop at $10.00; went to $10.15. 
Husband remarked, “Wow! She put in 10!” 
People (at other pumps) are watching; probably thinking I’m a “sucker”. 
I don’t care.
Husband and wife thank me profusely; speak a blessing over me.

On the road again, behind the couple I just pumped gas for. 
They pull into the next gas station, 
likely to repeat the same process all over again until they have a full tank. 
I wish I could have filled their tank. 
Perhaps I should have filled their tank?
 But I was thinking about my bank account and my bills. 
More faith – complete faith – would have filled up their tank. 
I would have liked to have filled up their tank and given them some cash. 
I don’t have any cash.

They were regular looking people.
 Just like me. 
Their car was decent. 
Their clothes were clean. 
They were clean. 
Are they just out scamming people? 
Who cares? 
They asked for help and I helped them. 
Well, I blessed them. 
I did what Jesus did. 
He helped when people asked. 
He said for us to do likewise. 
Their lives and their motives are between them and Him. 
And my response to His leading is between Him and me.
 Bless them Lord; that couple I bought gas for. 
Perhaps they are angels among us. 
Either way, bless them.
 And bless the others as well; the people who were watching; bless them.
May they be inspired to be generous and to bless others too.

Funny, a friend offered to top off my gas tank for me, 
but in my anxiousness to get on the road I didn't call her back. 
If I had, I would have been at a different gas station at a different time. 
I would have missed out on this whole experience.

I only want to do the most I can do; 
not the least I can do. 
Lord, did I only do the least I could do? 
Even though that $10.15 was part of my grocery “budget”, 
should I have filled their tank? 

We’ll see what happens next time.

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