Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fitly Spoken

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver."
Proverbs 25:11

The other day I was looking back over my blog when I had a fleeting thought,
 “I wonder if people read this and roll their eyes.
I’m always talking about the Lord and His goodness. I wonder if they get tired of it.”

Immediately, the Lord spoke the above verse to me
 then reminded me of something a wise young man said some time ago.

I had made some sort of comment about the fact that most of my blog posts and social media updates are about praising God or telling of His goodness.
The young man’s response to me was,
 “Lysa, you can’t help it. It’s your very DNA.”
He’s so right and it’s so true! I can’t help it.

I’ve known the Lord since before I can even remember.
He has always been the center of my being.
 And I can’t not speak of Him.

Listen, I am a real person with real struggles.
 Like so many others out there, my life circumstances are a mess and things appear to be out of control.
The past several years have proven to be the greatest test that I have ever encountered.
 But through it all, the one thing that remains the same is God and His goodness.

If I hadn’t had this to hold onto, I would have fallen into despair.
In fact, I probably wouldn’t be here today without the knowledge of Him.
Fear, despondency, grief and depression would have driven me to something drastic.
Yes, death.

But, God.
He is amazing.
A true friend.
Holy Spirit.
The guide to all Truth.

These writings are my offering
to the One who gave me life
and who has preserved me.
They are the reason I live;
who I am.

My decision (the Lord's decision really)
to make them public
is so that others may be encouraged;
filled with hope,
driven from despair
and into the loving arms of the One who created them.

I am so thankful to the young man who said those words to me.
They truly are words fitly spoken and I treasure them even more than I would
valuable gold and fine silver.

So, I do pray that what I share encourages you.
Thanks for taking the time.

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