Friday, October 29, 2010


We all know that through out life we will have many different "types" of friends. For instance, acquaintance-friends, life-long friends, family who are friends, etcetera. Some people move in and out of our lives at various times and others remain no matter what.

As I have determined to go deep with the Lord and do some major "soul searching" and have asked Him to reveal myself to me, I have learned many things. The passing of my mom from this life into heaven has added a whole other dimension to this process.

The other day, a friend (one of those friend of a friend who has now become an acquaintance friend, but is dear to my heart becasue she is a sister -in -the- Lord friend), was visiting from Washington. Knowing that my mom passed away last month, she had asked me how I was doing. I'm pretty sure I gave her some sort of "pat" answer. Then she looked and me and asked, "Lysa, what do you need?"

I have to tell you that I was momentarily taken aback. I didn't really know how to answer that. In fact, I wanted to weep with gratitude for her asking. There are so many things going on in my life and my mom's passing is just one component in all of it.
After a brief pause, I gave a general answer of needing the Lord to fulfill His promises to me. After a second brief pause, I added that I need people to care; or at least for people to show that they care.

You see, by nature, I am a very sensitive, empathetic and caring person. It is my nature to be concerned about people and to SHOW them that I care. I do this in various ways, depending on how the Holy Spirit leads me. I have determined that when He says "move" or "go", I do it. For me, this comes naturally.

Through my conversation with my friend, however, I was once again reminded that not everyone thinks like I do. Another dear friend pointed out that often, people project their own needs and personalities onto others. For example, she admitted that when she is stressed-out or tired, she likes to be left alone for some quiet time. So, she assumes that everyone else is like that as well. Thus, she will not "bother" other people who may be stressed or who are dealing with alot of things going on in their lives.

While I understand what she is saying, I don't believe that this is the way God wants Christ-followers to be.
Jesus went to people. Jesus met the needs of others. And when people went to Him; sought Him out, He never turned them away. He was/is never too busy for us as we often are for one another.

When word "got out" that my mom had passed away, many people came out to my parents house to pay their respects and express condolensces and of course, many people attended her Celebration of Life service. But I have to candidly share that since then, not many people have expressed much concern for my well-being. In fact, it's pretty much been "life as usual"; with people expecting me to continue on as the care-taker, giver, visitor, friend, etc. that I have always been. I'm not saying that this is "bad". What I am trying to convey is that I have feelings and needs as well. And, quite frankly, no one (up until the other day) has stopped to ask what those needs may be.

Please, dear reader, do not feel as if I am trying to make anyone feel guilty or that I am finger-pointing. All I am doing is sharing, from my heart, what the Lord has given me permission to share. Not only because it's what's on my heart, but because it's on His heart as well.

He desires for us to care for and love one another; to bear one another's burdens when the other person is too weak too bear it alone. Jesus is the ultimate friend. He knows what we need when we need it. Yet, He desires for us to express those needs; both to Him and to one another.

Expressing my needs to others is a new concept for me. I've rarely ever done it because I have always been the one to meet the needs of others. The Lord revealed to me, through my friend, that this is something in my thinking that He wants to change. It is right to share our needs with others. It is okay to ask for help.

On the other side of that, the Lord wants others to realize that He has created us all differently and that we must be careful not to assume things about others based upon our own thoughts, desires, preferences and /or personalities. His desire is that we extend beyond ourselves and into the mind of Christ; to be and do all that He desires for us to be and do. We can't do that if we filter everything through our own perspectives. We can only do it in and through His Spirit who knows each of us and who is ever ready to lead and guide us.

I hope and pray that my "being real" here has helped someone. I know it has helped me tremendously! So, thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you. Much love and many blessings!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love and Prayers

I had not intended to write this blog. In fact, I haven't been writing many blogs lately because I simply just have not had much time. But while waiting for my household to finish getting ready yesterday morning, I logged onto my blog to see what was going on in "blogland".  I had just finished reading a post by a dear sister in Florida which caused my heart to break and cry out to God on behalf of her and her family when these thoughts occurred to me and the Lord said, "Write it down".

The Scriptures tell us to "pray without ceasing", to "make our requests known to God", to pray for the will of heaven to be done on the earth, to praise God in ALL things and to remember each other in prayer and with fasting if necessary.

I have been holding so many people and things up in prayer lately that it could be overwhelming if the Holy Spirit wasn't leading me and holding me during these prayer times.

The Lord has been reminding me for the past several months, over and over, that He is all about People. He created us. He loves us. He cares for and about us. We are the core of who He is. We have been created in His image. If our main concern is not other people, then we are falling short of being who we are meant to be.

I am reminded of what an honor and a privilege it truly is to pray for others. I, too often, easily get caught up in my own life and circumstances and forget to pray for others. When I do this, the Lord brings it to my attention through my tendancy toward depression. The enemy intends for me get stuck in that place of depression, but Jesus, ever loving, gently reminds me; holds the mirror before my eyes and says, "Lysa, pray for others."

O that men would behold the heart of the Lord and see that He loves each of us. O that men would behold the heart of the Lord and extend His love to others. Oh! But His Spirit is ever present, ready to remind us in His wonderfully loving way!

Dear reader, the Lord loves you. I love you (because of Him and through Him).

I pray you have a truly blessed day. I pray that you feel His presence in a real and tangible way. I pray that His peace and comfort guide you today. I pray that you know Him more as you seek to love and serve Him by loving and serving others.

Blessings to you and yours!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Which Way?

The Bible says that we war not against flesh but against demons and principalities.

Unfortunately, these often work beside willing co-conspirators who are, indeed, flesh.

Jesus is Love. I must choose the Way of Love. 
If I am a True Christ-Follower, I will choose Love.

This is not easy; the Way of Love. In fact, it is the most difficult Way of all. I do it, not by myself, but with the help of His Spirit who compells me forward. He compells me to love. He supernaturally enables me to love. It is not in me , my flesh, to love. It is dying - daily - to self - which enables me to love.

The cry of my heart is to love Him more!
Thus, I must love those whom He loves.

Oh that the Way of Love was easy!
Alas, it is not so.

The Way of Love is narrow.
The Way of Love is difficult.

The Way of Love is...
The Way of Love is...

The Way of Love is the only Way.

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