Tuesday, January 24, 2012

God Thoughts No. Forty Six

The more I press into the Lord, the more of Himself He reveals.
One of the most resounding things He continually reveals 
is that relationship with Him is much simpler than we make it.

So often we approach our relationship with Him 
based upon our relationships with other people.
This is backwards.

Jesus’ life, death and resurrection 
made relationship with Him simple.
Before Jesus, man relied on man for relationship with God 
(through Moses, priests, etc.).
Then Jesus came so that we would be free 
to have direct access to Him.

Yet, still today, 
man teaches that man needs to depend on and rely upon man to 
“learn” how to have “proper” relationship with God.

But after Jesus’ ascension (back) into heaven, 
Holy Spirit came to all men; 
to speak with, to teach, to dwell with and to indwell.

The written Word (Bible) is absolutely relevant 
but so is His spoken Word, 
which He longingly desires for each of His children to hear.

Holy Spirit is as relevant to us today as He was to Abraham.
He is alive and moving just as much as He was at Pentecost.

So why do we insist that we need “learned” men 
to teach us how to have relationship with God?

I have walked and talked with Jesus all of my life.
When I was a child I did not question Him,
I simply believed Him. 
I knew Him.
He was my greatest delight and treasure.

Then as I got older, men began to influence my thoughts and perspective of Him.
By the time I was a teenager I was tightly wound and bound in and by legalism.
Gone were the days of sitting, playing and sharing with Jesus.

Those days were replaced with self-loathing, 
berating of self for short-comings, 
and loads of prayers asking for forgiveness for wretchedness 
which ultimately bred an attitude of Pharisaical self-righteousness.

Many are the people I have injured with judgment.
Many are the bonds I have tightened around others.
Many are the years of my life wasted 
on trying to follow the laws of man 
in order to “figure out” how to please God.

But, God…
Good and gracious Lord…
Plucked me up and out of that situation.

The past five years have been filled with His grace 
as I have thrown out all I was ever taught about Him 
and have become an open, supple, yielded vessel
 to His voice, His mind, His Spirit and His leading.
It has been an amazing journey.

The freedom and liberation which comes from 
an unhindered relationship with Him is phenomenal.
I have, once again, become the open & trusting child I once was.

No longer bound by man or by Satan,
 but FREE in Christ (which is what He gave to all men).

To those I have judged, condemned and bound,
 I am truly sorry.
I pray that each one realizes that Jesus IS Lord 
really means that you are Free.

To everyone who knows Jesus IS Lord,
I pray that your relationship with Him 
would be real, honest and unhindered.

Each one’s relationship with God is personal and unique.
It is the only perfect relationship.
I pray that a revelation of this 
would cause each one to base all other relationships 
upon relationship with Him and not the other way around.
IT is what (has) set us free to begin with!


  1. It's too bad you live so far west. It'd be fun to hang out with you.(although I'm probably old enough to be your momma :D)
    Here's a song for you:


    1. You're so funny! And so you know, the few women I have close relationship with are all older than me! (some old enough to be my momma!) ;)
      If I ever get to Florida, I'll "look you up" and maybe we can go shelling :))
      Blessings kind & gentle woman! <3


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