A Little About Me

I am a woman possessed!
 Possessed by the Spirit of God; 
on a mission to become who
 He has planned for me to be!

I take nothing for granted and believe 
that everything happens for a reason.

In 2004, we moved from the land of plenty
(Southern California) 
to the Northern Nevada desert. 
The Lord has shown me many things in the desert; 
both about Him and about myself.

He has shown me where I am right now.
He has shown me who I am in Him, 
and I continually allow Him 
to change me for the better! 

This blog is about my own experiences,
in life and with God,
so that others may see that
 He is real
and personal; 
that He loves every one of us-
truly and unconditionally.

He is teaching me how to Love people
the way that He Loves.

Thank you for visiting and please leave a comment
so I know that you were here!

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