Saturday, January 21, 2012

God Thoughts No. Forty Five

Jesus summed up the Law with one word

A realization of His Love sets the heart soaring.
He came and has (already) set every captive free.

A caged animal that has been set free
does not embrace or realize it until
he walks out the door and into the open.

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It is only by embracing His Love that one is able to truly Love in return.
When we Love (truly), the Law is fulfilled.

Because we are free in and by His Love,
we are free of the responsibility of others.

It is not (never was) our job to change people.
The “salvation” of others is not (never was) our responsibility.

Jesus’ death on the cross is what “sealed the deal”.
Since He finished it,
 there is nothing we need to (or can) do to add to it.
It IS Finished!

Our job is, simply, to share the “Good News”
 which is-
Jesus IS Messiah;
 the One mankind had been waiting for!

Jesus IS Lord!

So, because we believe (accept, understand) this Truth
and His great Love
has manifested itself in our hearts,
our job is to share it, declare it;
shout it from the roof tops!
Since I have, personally, received the Law (Love)
and have experienced it first-hand,
IT is what compels me to shout it for all to hear.

Freedom in Love creates a desire within
that all would see it-

And Truth is-
Jesus Loves you!

You are (already) saved by His Love
which placed Him on the cross on your behalf.
He became sin so that you would be perfect
-a New Creation
-without spot or blemish.

Now He waits,
by your side,
for you to embrace Him.
To declare that, indeed,
He IS Lord!

It really is that simple!
Accept it.

Accept it and BE (truly) free!
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