Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I just absolutely love confirmation;
when the Lord says or shows me something
which confirms to me that I am on the right track;
hearing clearly what He is saying to me.

This morning, I asked Him what He wanted me to read
from His written Word and He said, “Isaiah 60.”

My thoughts was,
“Lord, you gave me verse one of Isaiah as an encouraging word just two days ago.
You want me to read it again?”

He said, “Yes, but read the whole chapter carefully.”

So I did.

Three things stood out to me.

First, verse 9,
“The coastlands are putting their hope in me,
with the ships of Tarshish in the lead,
to bring your children from far away,
and with them their silver and gold,
for the sake of Adonai your God,
the Holy one of Israel,
who glorifies you.”

Now Isaiah is speaking to Israel; revealing the promises of God
to His people so that they may be filled with hope.
He is promising prosperity!
He is promising to glorify them!

How amazing that this verse parallels my own life
and that He is showing me that He has,
indeed, promised me (and my household) prosperity.
And the fact that He glorifies us is truly awesome!

The second part which stood out to me was verses 19-20,
“No more will the sun be your light by day,
nor the moonlight shine on you;
instead, Adonai will be your light forever
and your God your glory.
No longer will your sun go down;
Your moon will no longer wane;
For Adonai will be your light forever;
Your days of mourning will end.”

My initial response to this was,
“Yes, this is exactly what I wrote about yesterday;
learning to live and see by His perspective.
When I live and see by His perspective,
There is no darkness
Because He is light!”

This is mind-blowing stuff!

And finally, the third thing was verse 22b,
“I, Adonai, when the right time comes,
will quickly bring it about.”

It’s just like I said the other day.
When God says something,
it is done!
It is simply waiting on Him to bring it about
at the right time!

When He promises something we can believe it;
bank on it;
expect it!
There is no need to worry, doubt or fear
because He has done it!

I am so excited
and can’t wait for the manifestation
of all He has promised!



  1. and the beauty of this is that you waited on Him so patiently for so long...He is faithful <3 Smiling at the thought of your wonderful new adventure..

    1. Thank you Tracey. I am amazed that you say I have waited "Patiently" because sometimes I know I've been impatient! How gracious of you and God to perceive it a patient! ;)


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