Friday, April 29, 2011

God Thoughts No. Eighteen

Philippians 1:21 says,
 "For me to live is Christ [His life in me], and to die is gain [the gain of the glory of eternity]." AMP

It has been a recurring passage that Holy Spirit has been whispering in my ear and speaking to my heart.
He began to say it about a month or so before my mom passed away and continues to do so now.

As He does so, I think on it and ask Him to reveal it's deep meaning.
Here is what He has said and continues to repeat.

"To live on this earth is Christ. Jesus came from heaven to live on the earth for the benefit of man.
To die; leave this earth and to dwell in heaven is gain - man's gain. It is the promise that one hopes for and holds onto for his eternal life."

A life in Christ will sacrifice Self, not only for it's friend, but for it's enemy.
It will give of itself, continually, whether it receives anything in return or not.
This is Christ.

If you are living your life doing only what you're comfortable with, keeping "your own best interests" at the forefront of your mind and demanding your "rights", you are not living as Christ.
You are really only living for Self.

As one purposes to live as Christ, he must also look toward heaven as his hope and reward. Jesus said to look up, for your redemption is near!
It is the desire of the Father for His children to long to be in His presence, yet at the same time to desire to live Christ while on the earth.

Man, far too often, seperates heaven and earth; looking at them as two completely seperate entities that cannot co-exist. But remember, Jesus also said to pray for heaven to come to earth.
And promised that Holy Spirit has empowered us to bring it to pass.

As we live our lives as Christ we ought to do so boldly, proclaiming all the promises of God,
bringing Light, Hope and Renewal to a broken world.

Live a life driven by Faith
rather than a life paralyzed by fear.
This is Christ!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Student Work

Taking a moment to show off some of my students' work!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Writing number 1:

Sad sits alone,
Day after day,
Not caring about anything.
But he is wishing,
Wishing for something.

Happy is playing,
Always running around.
She loves being her;
Just being Happy.

Sad sees Happy.
He frowns.
Happy sees Sad.
She smiles.

Sad's frowning
Doesn't phase Happy.
But Happy's smile,
Now that phases Sad.

Sad and Happy,
Now that's a good mix,
But only of Happy is overpowering.
Sad is never a good thing.

Sad is no longer sad.
And Happy is no longer happy.
Sad is happy
A Happy is Excited!

Writing number 2:

Sincere, uplifting
Blindly looking past one's faults.
It makes one pursue,
Not caring what others think
Brings out one's best.

Despising one.
A waste of time.
Time sent, time spent;
on something of past.
Time wasting, wasted time.
A feeling
Everbody has experienced.
Horrible and wrong.
Time's been wasted.
Time's now gone.

Writing number 3:

Mendacious deceives and lies to Ambiguous,
Tries to pursuade Ambiguous to come over to his side.
Ambiguous looks around,
but finds there is no escape.
Mendacious has his eyes set on the target.

Ambiguous is about to agree,
But just then, Truth comes in
And proves Mendacious to be wrong.
Ambiguous doesn't know what to do
Or what to choose;
But in the end, Truth is what sets him free.

His name was not Ambiguous any longer
but was changed to Certainty.

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