Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Else My Mom Taught Me

I couldn't let my mom's birthday go by
without writing something
in her honor.
As I have been thinking much about her lately
there are a couple of recurring things that come to mind.
One is that my mom was an extremely forgiving person.
She literally lived out,
"Forgive them seventy times seven,"
several times over.
She forgave many people of many things;
rudeness, meanness, pettiness, hurtfulness,
stupidity, cruelty, abuse, slander,
the list goes on.
And she never seemed to hold a grudge.
Perhaps it was because in the back of her mind
she was well aware of the many things of which
God had forgiven her.
If she were here right now,
she would argue that she wasn't
as forigiving as I am making her out to be.
She would say that she didn't always "feel" forgiving.
But I know what I saw,
and what I saw, repeatedly, was
 a woman who forgave.
Another thing about her that keeps coming to my thoughts
is how generous she was.
My goodness that woman was a giver!
I don't think anything brought her more joy than
giving to others.
Gifts on birthdays, holidays, and just because days;
a loan because you needed it
and then "forgiving" the loan
 (you didn't have to pay it back);
donations for the needy, food for the poor;
compassion for those without compassion...
She gave whatever was needed whether she knew you or not.
And never was her generosity driven by selfishness.
She didn't give because she ever
expected anything in return.
She gave, simply, because she was

And always, in her heart,
was the desire to give more.
It's amazing that when I think about these things,
I see how easily she lived out these qualities
 which are the very nature
of God.
Her example of
unconditional Love
overwhelms me.
And even though my mom and I
were different in many ways,
I am thankful
that we are also alike
in so many ways.
She was, truly,
 an exceptional woman.
Happy Birthday mom!
I love you forever.


  1. She sounds like she was one amazing woman & mother. Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Beautifully said Lysa! Thank you for sharing. Happy birthday to her!


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