Thursday, February 20, 2014

Simply Good

Do you know?
Have you heard?

God loves you!

You are (already) His child!
You are (already) saved!

You (already) have full access
 to Him, His throne & His kingdom.

This is Good news!

Jesus said, “Make disciples” - of Him, not ourselves.

Jesus said, “Share the Good News”.

Those of us who have realized the depth of
His great, abiding love are to
GO and SHARE it with others
 so that they can realize it and
consciously live 
within the realm of

God doesn’t need for us to “get people saved”
 to “save souls” –
 HE has already done it!
So simple.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Jesus & Love (on another napkin!)

Jesus didn’t come to save us “to God”,
rather He came to save us from ourselves;
 from the idea that in order for God to love us,
we have to perform a certain way
or have to “become” something first.
Jesus says,
 “Look, I have relationship with the Father.
 I am showing you how to –
and how easy it is to -
 have real relationship with the Father.
There is no need for sacrifices.
 In fact, I’ve become the ultimate sacrifice
 so you can stop feeling like you have to
 keep “doing” something in order to
 earn My love, favor, blessings, etc.
Stop striving and start “being”.
Be REAL with God.
He already knows you better than you know yourself
I am with you.
I am for you.
 So, stop beating yourself up
and stop judging and condemning others.
 Instead, “put on love”.
Love God.
Love others.
 It’s as SIMPLE as that!
It is a choice.”
Be loved,
 and then,
 (Keep It Simple Sweetheart!)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

God's Love (on a napkin!)

Children approach their parents with questions all the time.
So, why do some insist that we aren’t allowed to question God?
Certainly, if you weren’t allowed to question your own parents while growing up,
you may view God as being unapproachable.
But just because you perceive
(or have been taught to believe)
He is unapproachable does not make it so.
God is very, 100%, approachable.
He says, “Come to Me.”
Never, has His intention been for us to be “separated” from Him.
Jesus lived the example of relationship with Him
so that we could SEE that He desires relationship
 with each and every one of us.
 And contrary to popular “teaching”,
 we don’t have to “become” anything
 in order to have relationship with Him.
Jesus didn’t “become” something
and then have relationship with God.
Jesus came here, as a man –
 in the same form as us
 – as the Son of God (as are we ALL)
and exemplified a real and loving relationship with
the REAL and LOVING Father!
There aren’t any great secrets.
 Jesus made it very clear and very SIMPLE.
The great question isn’t,
“Are you a Christian?”
 The questions is,
 “Do you believe?”
If we are “separated” from God,
 it is because we choose to be separated from Him.
God is here all of the time (omnipresent).
He knows what we are thinking,
all of the time (omniscient).
We cannot hide from Him.
 But we can choose to exclude Him.
He allows it.
Free will was given to us BY Him.
Because He loves us.
He is all-loving, all of the time.
And it is His very Love which draws us to Himself.
It isn’t our “job” to “get people saved”.
 Rather, for those of us who have realized
 the magnificence and DEPTH
of His GREAT and MIGHTY Love,
it is our “job”
 to SHOUT it from the roof tops!
From the depth of His very being
 (which is INFINITE),
You are not wretched.
You are not a mistake.
 God doesn’t make mistakes.
You are LOVED!
And if you want to “feel” this Love;
 want it to be real to you,
all you “have” to do is tell Him so,
then allow His love to wash over you.
It (His love) has been yours all along.
You have never been separated from His love;
you’ve simply not been experiencing His love (consciously)
because you have either not allowed it,
 have been told you are not worthy of it,
 or have been told you have to “become” something
 in order to experience it.
Embrace His LOVE now!
And the natural result will be your own heart
 responding in Love
to Him!
God is so, so GOOD!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Father God

God is not angry, arrogant, unapproachable
 or in a bad mood.
Yet, so many people view and portray Him as such.
They take their own shortcomings
 and project them onto God.
Jesus said to let the little children come to Him.
 He also said that in order to know Him,
we must become as little children.
Children whine, cry, throw tantrums
and ask questions.
Children also trust.
So, to the one who says we have no right to question God,
 I say, why not?
In their attempt to understand things,
 my children often ask questions.
And to the one who says we aren’t allowed to get frustrated
or angry (because it “displeases” God),
 I say, why aren’t we?
In their growth and learning,
my children sometimes become frustrated or angry.
Yet through all the phases and stages of growing,
 my children still trust me.
As little children, they trusted me implicitly.
As they have gotten older,
 they have questioned some of my methods and reasoning,
 but they still trust me.
Because I love them.
 I love them completely and unconditionally.
I would never hurt them and
 I always have their best interest in mind.
In their learning and growing
 I have allowed them to be themselves while
 encouraging them to learn who they really are.
And in the process,
 my love for them has never changed
 (or diminished).
Children will do what children will do.
And since God said for us to approach Him
as little children approach their parents,
 it stands to reason that questioning Him
 isn’t sinful, rebellious or prideful
like some people like to think.
God isn’t angry, arrogant, unapproachable
 or in a bad mood.
Amazing, Loving, Father;
that’s who God is!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Body & Soul

Are you
a body
with a soul?
Are you
a soul
with a body?
What you believe
about this
has a direct influence
on many of the other things
you believe.
And what you believe
greatly influences
how you live.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pause for Reflection

Follow up to
"Pause for Thought"

Does your
religion, denomination
or belief system
place bonds around people
that Jesus already said
we are free of?

Pause for Thought

Jesus didn't come and show us
we are free from
religious bondage
just so
we could
find new ways
to bind one another up.

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