Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lessons From Jake-Part 1

Everyone, this is Jake. Jake, this is everyone.

Jake has been a part of our family for ten years now. He has
brought much joy to our home and is the quintessential "dog".

He loves the family unconditionally and is the ever protective third parent to the children. He is also an opportunist!

For instance, he loves to roam around the kitchen and sniff the floor for any crumbs that may have been dropped. Any time I am in the kitchen, I can be sure to find him lurking just around the corner, hoping and waiting for the sound of something hitting the floor! He is ever ready for his "score" of the day!

One day, not too long ago, throwing subtlety aside, Jake decided that under my feet would be the most beneficial place for him to lurk. Suffice it to say this annoyed me immensely! Raising my voice in frustration, I demanded that he remove himself from the kitchen.

He, with those puppy dog eyes, sulkingly, obeyed.

That's when I heard the Lord whisper, "Even the little dogs get the crumbs from the master's table. " My reply was, "Yes Lord, but he's pestering under my feet!"
"But Lysa, how often do you do the same to Me? And, do I yell at you when you do?"
(Ouch! Flinch!) "Of course not Father. You are always loving. Sometimes firm, but always loving. Thank You for Your love, grace and mercy. Forgive me for my harshness towards Jake."

From that day forward I have been much more sensitive to the demands that others make upon me (including Jake!). When I am tempted to feel irritated or frustrated, I remember the lesson the Lord taught me through my little dog.

Those who have received Grace (through salvation by belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior) should be GREAT BIG GIVERS of Grace!

Oh for the Grace of Christ to live and manifest itself through the life of every person who confesses Him as Lord!

Praying the Holy Spirit fills you anew this day as you extend His love and grace to others!

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