Thursday, May 13, 2010

Called Out

God is calling; calling out to His children. "To him who has ears, let him hear!"

The voice of the Lord beckons ever so softly, "Come out my children! Come away with Me!"

This feeling we have, it's the Lord calling out to us, tempting us, creating in us a desire to go beyond the borders of Southern California, to trust Him and follow where He leads.

In March of 1995, following the Voice, we travelled through Southern Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. All the while, seeking and applying for various jobs, looking at real estate and wondering where the Lord was calling us to.
Upon arriving home, Bob received a phone call from a company in Colorado, not asking him to return for an interview, but offering him a job! This was very exciting because Colorado was our favorite state out of the ones we had visited. After a couple of days of prayer and contemplation, the Voice replied, "No. It is not the time or the place." So, we remained where we were and the Voice was silent.

"Come away my children. Follow Me."

This feeling we have, it's the Lord calling us to follow Him.

Life had become hectic and frustrating! It was 2003 and we were ready for a vacation! This time we travelled to the Sierra Nevada, Carson Valley, Reno, and down into Mason Valley. We were quite taken with the Carson Valley area and thus, returned home to seek the Lord and inquire of Him what He would have us do.

"Wait, My children, it is almost time, but not quite." Then, the Voice was silent.

"Come, follow Me."

Five months after our first visit to northern Nevada, we re-visited Mason Valley, specifically, Yerington. Neither of us felt as if it was the place for us.
Never-the-less, we returned home to seek what the Lord would have us do.

"Put your house on the market. It will sell."

And sell it did! On December 22, 2003 we received three different offers on the house. We accepted the full-price offer and the process began!

On January 30, 2004 we loaded a moving truck with our children, our dog and all of our belongings and the next day we left all that we had known and embarked on a new journey with the Lord!

At Midnight on Febrauary 1, 2004, in the midst of a snow storm, we pulled into a local motel and checked in for the night. We had arrived...Yerington.


  1. Posting a comment on your own blog? Really?

  2. Lysa how fun to see you have a blog! Thanks for putting the link in fb, I'll be checking it out. Good job! I look forward to learning more about you in a different are the best!


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