Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gideon's Typical Day

This is our Sun Conure, Gideon.
He's the
"Squawky Wheel" in our house.
Allow me to elaborate by describing Gideon's typical day...

"Squawk, squawk! Feed me! Open my cage! I need water! I don't like that food! I want fresh fruit! No, not a banana! I want an apple! Where are the nuts?"
And on it goes. It seems as if he is never satisfied.

Quite frustrated from this tirade I asked, "Lord, why is this bird NEVER satisfied? What more can I possibly do for him? Your word says that birds are God's messengers. Well, he's not delivering any messages from You. He's only demanding what he wants! He has been in my care for six years and he has never lacked any good thing!"

Then, ever so slightly, I feel the Lord's breath of laughter, the slightest amusement in the air.

"But Lysa, he IS giving you a message. He is showing you how fickle you are. Can you not see how you sometimes act as he? How many times do you demand from me? Does a day go by that you do not make demands on me? Yes, I tell you to make your requests known to me. Really, that's all Gideon is doing. What you're noticing is his 'tone-of-voice'. How has your tone with me been lately? And Lysa, you have been in my care for almost 39 years. Have you ever lacked any good thing?"

Oh! How humbling! How loving! God is so gracious!

"Thank you Lord for showing myself to me! Forgive me as I purpose to do better, starting today."

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