Monday, May 17, 2010

Feline Fancy

This is Tahoe. She is Jenna's big white cat . To say that she is neurotic is an understatement!

I have a standing threat against her that one day I am going to trade her for a "real" cat. This threat began after a visit to my mom and her "real", friendly cat and upon returning home was given the usual cold shoulder by Tahoe. Much to my surprise, after making this verbal threat to her, she jumped up onto my lap and began to purr! Never underestimate what animals understand!

Back in April, after an evening with "Ms. Neurosis", I was prompted to write about my experience with her...

"Tahoe, the big white cat plops herself onto the arm of the sofa; never minding the fact that my arm is resting there! She looks at me quite indignantly as if I have invaded her space.

Several minutes pass before she, ever so innocently, begins to "wink-blink" at me. 'Well, are you going to pet me or not? Don't you want me to be a real cat?'

Smiling, I take the bait. Yes, indeed, I do want Tahoe to be a real cat. In fact, I am pleased that she has graced me with her presence and is allowing me the pleasure of petting her.

Suddenly it occurs to me...I am so much like a cat! How often do I approach the Lord in the same manner? I come to Him on my time and on my terms. I plop down beside Him as if it's some great honor-His honor, that is. Then, I look at Him indignantly, expecting Him to pet and cuddle me.

Then, He smiles at me, reaches out, pets me and cuddles me. And as I do with Tahoe, He sincerely delights in so doing! He is such a loving and gracious Father!

Never be afraid or ashamed to approach the Lord! He loves you and delights in you! Afterall, HE created you!

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