Friday, May 28, 2010

Be Not Dismayed

Your Father in heaven knows all of your needs before you even ask and they are all met by Him!

What a beautiful promise to the children of God!

The Lord reminded me this week that His children need to focus on His Word and His goodness, especially in these "trying" times in which we live.

Rather than listening and looking to the world for answers, we should be looking to Him; His Word, His Spirit and His truths.

These are the words which He spoke to me,
"Forget what others have 'taught' and listen to ME. I am good. All that I do is good. I work all things together for good. If what is being said is contrary to Me; My nature, My character and My word, then throw it away! I give HOPE. I give LIFE. I AM LOVE.

My Word says that trials and tribulations come your way. But people forget that it continues on to say, 'Fear NOT, I have overcome them all'. My Spirit in you has overcome them all!

Be encouraged. Be not dismayed. I am with you and I do not fail!"

What a loving Father! He gave me this Word so that we might be encouraged! It is just so like Him!

So..."bee" encouraged!

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