Monday, May 24, 2010

How Big is Our Great God!

In August of last year we saw a video by Louie Giglio entitled "How Great is Our God". It is a wonderful reminder of who we are and of who GOD is! It certainly puts things into perspective. A day or two after watching the video, I was contemplating the greatness of God whence He spoke and had me journal His response and has now prompted me to share it with you.

August 20, 2009

"Indeed, your human mind can only begin to fathom how big I am. But really, you have no idea. A minuscule part of Me came down from heaven as a man so you could relate to Me. I bent low so man could look into My face. If you would but look into My eyes, you would know My heart.

I have a purpose. I have given you purpose and hope. Yes, hope in Me. I see your future and it is a bright one! Do not lose heart. I who breathed the stars have fashioned you. You are far greater than the stars. I breathed them, but I formed you with My own hands.

I care about you; about every second of your life. Keep your eyes on Me. Look into My eyes and you will not be afraid.

I am not only with you, I am in you. And you are in Me! Don't forget it!
Power-My power in you.

The angels look upon man and wonder. They wonder why I chose you. They wonder why you don't walk in the fullness of who you are; who I created you to be. They wonder why you are blind; blind to the power I have given you. Your power far exceeds the power of the angels, yet you look to them for protection. Yes, I have created them to protect and have given them certain power. But they are here to work along side you. They are your helpers. Remember that! Call on them for help, but exercise the power that I have given you. My Spirit is all-powerful and I have given My Spirit to you!

The following image is Lamilin-our molecular structure-human DNA-simply AMAZING!!!

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