Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Song of Songs

The Song of Solomon seems to be one of those Books of the Bible which doesn't get the attention it deserves! For reasons known only to the Lord, He brought this to my attention this morning.

I was actually thinking about my hubby, praying for him and thanking God for him when God deposited this little thought into my head. At the same time a song titled "I Adore You" was running through my head. I was worshipping the Lord while praying for my Bob and thinking about how Bob's love for me mirrors the love of Jesus.

One day, several weeks ago , I asked Bob why he loved me. He looked at me with a slight pause, then proceeded to tell me all the reasons why. What I realized was that the reasons he listed were a progression of his love for me. There were the physical reasons (the initial attraction), then there were the "selfish" reasons (all the things that I do for him), and finally, there were the "me" reasons (loving me for who I am).

This morning the Lord revealed to me the parallels of my marriage relationship
with my God relationship. A relationship with the Lord should be one of continual progression. At first, we are attracted to Him; His beauty, His grace. His Spirit draws us unto Himself. Then we recognize our need of Him; salvation, guidance, love, acceptance. And then, we see Him for who He is; wonderful, Almighty, loving, powerful, forgiving (etc.).

The Song of Solomon is such a beautiful expression of all of this! He parallels marriage and God relationship so beautifully. Did I just realize this? No. But I believe the Lord brought it back to my mind this morning so that I would share it with you; to remind you.

He is the bridegroom ever beckoning His bride. You are His bride. He desires to wash His love over you like never before. He longs to whisper in your ear all of the reasons He loves you. This love is for every person; men and women alike.

He is teaching you men how to be the loving, devoted husbands that he has designed you to be. At the same time He is loving you; allowing you to experience what it is like to be loved as the "Beloved". He desires for you to love and not "lord-over".

He is teaching you women how to receive His unconditional love. He desires a humble, attentive bride. One who is "hopelessly" devoted to Him as well as to her husband. Serving in humble gratitude from a heart that desires to love, not serving out of obligation.

I would encourage you to spend a little time with the Song of Solomon and allow the Lord to wash His love over you. It matters not if you are married or single. If you have accepted Christ as your Savior, you are His bride. If you have not, He desires for you to know this love I am talking about!

May you have a wonderful, "love-filled day"!

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