Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Student Work II

 Student A
"The Ups and Downs, The Waves of Life"

Pain and sorrow appear unbearable.
Love and joy know no bounds.
Confidence lurks somewhere inside.
Questions never ending.

Hope versus doubt;
the age-old war between good and evil.
Somewhere within
there is a song of truth,
a song of strength.

Dreams take flight and find a way.
Dreams crash and fall.
The daylight fades,
The shades of black and grey take over the soul.

Jokes and pranks,
Losing ranks,
Losing respect;
Losing ones self while finding another.

Fathers leaving,
Brothers falling,
Mothers weeping,
Sister lying,
While onlookers are sleeping.

Families growing,
Broken homes,
Needing to know you're not alone.
Waiting for a hero to save the day,
All the while,
You're fading away.

Going back is no option,
You've just begun to get comfortable,
Hiding in the shadows,
Sleeping in the gutters,
Standing behind the curtain,
Staying out of view.

Babies crying,
Birds singing,
Dogs barking,
Hope springing.

Water running,
Rain pouring,
The sun is out,
It's day again.
It's a second chance,
It's another try,
There is still hope.
Please don't go,
This isn't goodbye.

Student B

Do what needs to be done,
Say what needs to be said.
Prove yourself of gain,
Be a superior;
Always watching your back.

Push others aside,
Taking what you need.
Prove yourself great.
Feed your greed.

You only amount to what you own,
what you have been sold.
Make yourself happy;
vanity and possessions provide this.

You're all that you've bought.
You're the knowledge you've paid for
and thieved.

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