Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let Go

I don’t believe in coincidences 
or that random things just happen.
I believe that everything happens 
for a reason 
and that all things, 
even bad things, 
work together for good.

Certainly, things happen because of 
choices people make 
and we live our lives every day, 
making decisions, 
often without regard to the future. 

Though we may not be consciously aware, 
even the smallest thing 
can have a most profound effect; 
while a big thing may 
have a seemingly small effect.

That poor decision we make today 
may not have any ill effects 
until years later, 
just as that small act of kindness today 
may not reap obvious benefits 
until we least expect it.

The things we do every day 
(good or bad), 
without any second thought 
may seem inconsequential, 
but they aren’t.

Everything serves a purpose.
Regardless of our perspective,
 all things are working together… 
for good.

God gives strength to His people.
 He blesses them with peace. 
(Psalm 29:11)

Though our situation 
and/or circumstance
 may be difficult and seemingly overwhelming, 
there is nothing going on that 
God hasn’t already given us 
the strength to overcome.

He can take any horrible decision 
or situation
 and turn it into good.

And not only are His methods perfect, 
but so is His timing. 

It may not feel like we can handle a situation
 right at that precise moment, 
but if it is happening,
 we can rest assured that God
 has already given us the strength 
to get through it.

Sometimes we are affected, 
positively and/or negatively, 
directly and/or indirectly,
by another person’s actions 
which invoke within us 
different emotions.

But remember, 
there is nothing
 that anyone has ever done
that Jesus’ work on the cross
 hasn’t already forgiven.

It is up to us to choose 
whether to harbor negative feelings 
(which make us miserable)
 or to let go 
and to allow 
perfect Love 
(which sets us free)
 to have it’s way in our hearts.

And truly, 
this IS
 what it all boils down to -
~ LOVE ~

It is the Love 
that we have all
 been given by God.

So what right 
do we have 
to withhold it 
from one another?

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