Friday, October 12, 2012

Fanning the Flame

All relationships go through different phases.
Every relationship is tested.

Whether it be marriage,
relationship with our children,
parents, siblings, or friends,
all relationships can survive
as long as we're willing to stand firm
and to love & forgive unconditionally.

 marriage relationships are on my heart.

I found this image on the internet last night;

and Holy Spirit spoke to my heart.

"Fan the flame of your own desire.
Focus on what drew you to each other
rather than on the differences you may have
on the challenge you may be facing.
Dwell on the spark which first ignited 
your love
and allow your thoughts to fuel it."

The funny thing is that all this week
that is exactly what I have been doing;
fueling the flame of my love
for my dear, sweet husband.

I love that the Lord put 
what I have already been doing
into words that I may share with you.

You see,
the Lord loves us 

And since we have received
such a fierce love from 
the Author of 
Perfect Love,
every one of us
has been equipped
to give out that same kind of love.

But as with anything else,
we must choose to do so.

At some point in your relationship
with your spouse,
your heart sang the same song
as Solomon.

So why not focus on that song
once more and allow
your heart to soar
and your love to pour?

I am quite certain 
that you won't be sorry!

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