Monday, October 29, 2012

Story, Dream, Parable or True?

Early Sunday morning, a woman set out for church.
Her heart was troubled as the weight of her burdens 
pressed down upon her.

She soon found herself on an unfamiliar street
lined with several churches 
of different denominations.

Feeling a little confused,
she could not bring herself to enter any one of them.

As she walked a little further along the street,
she came to a building which
 she felt compelled to enter.

It was empty inside
except for one over-sized chair.
She went in and sat down.

Just as she began to ask the Lord what
 He wanted her to do,
the doors burst open and people began piling in;
laughing, singing and praising the Lord.

A tall, African-American gentleman, 
wearing a big grin, walked up to her and said,
“Don’t worry. 
You are right where you are supposed to be 
and the Lord is pleased with you.”

As he walked away, 
another man walked up to her,
handed her a check, 
made out in her name, 
for $700, 
grinned and winked then 
went into the crowd.

Just then, a woman walked up,
handed her a check for $650, said,
 “Please hold this for a week before cashing it”, 
and went off into the crowd.

Immediately after that, 
an older, well-dressed gentleman approached her.
He handed her a blank, signed check and said,
 “Fill this check out for me please.”
The woman replied, “I can’t. 
I don’t know whom you want it made out to 
or for how much.”

The man handed her a pen and said, 
“Put your name on it because
 I don’t know how to spell it.”
While she was writing her name, 
the man was busily doing some calculations.
 He said out loud, 
“Forty-three percent”,
 and continued calculating.
 He then looked up and said, 
“Seven thousand. Make it out for seven thousand dollars.”
With astonishment and tears in her eyes, 
the woman asked,
“Why would you, all of you, who are complete strangers, 
do this for me?”
He smiled and replied, 
“Because it is the right thing to do. 
Besides, God told us to.”
He patted her on the arm and then 
turned and joined the crowd.

Another man approached her,
 silently handed her a check for $500 
and quickly walked away.

As soon as he did this, 
the people were gone.

The woman sat in the chair,
overwhelmed and full of
wonder & amazement,
joy & hope,
thankfulness & generosity.

Oh how good and gracious God truly is!

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