Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Parables & Prophesy

The more she thought about
her dream,
the more the woman recognized 
that it contained

The first was
that in the midst
of her despair,
under the weight
of her burdens,
her deepest longing was to
be close to the Lord.

As she found herself unable
to bear the thought
of entering into
any one of the churches,
she was driven on
and into the empty building.

Her "aloneness" with God
that finding solace
and rest for one's soul
cannot be obtained
in any institution
or by subscribing to
man-made theologies.

The kind of peace which
the soul longs for
can be found in
and obtained by
and Christ alone.

The second parable is
that as she sought peace
from the 
Lover of her soul,
He, in His ever merciful Love,
brought others to her
to help her in her situation.

As those who entered the building
were in the habit
of living in obedience 
to the Lord,
they were filled with
joy, happiness, praise & laughter
of which they were unable to contain.

They obeyed the Lord
without question 
or hesitation.

And by her being 
a stranger to them,
they did so without regard
to their own
personal gain.

This kind of
selfless, obedient life
is rewarded with the
overwhelming joy
which comes directly from
the Author of Joy.

Having been prone to 
prophetic dreams
since early childhood,
the woman recognized, also,
that within her dream was a prophesy.

As she thought about
the significance 
of what the people did for her,
she did some calculations of her own
and discovered that 
the amount she had received
in her dream
was, in fact, 
the exact amount that
would remove three
of the burdens from her life.

The significance of this fact
impacted her greatly
as her heart was elevated
to new levels of

It wasn't over yet!

Oh how good
God truly is!

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