Tuesday, October 30, 2012


After waking from the dream,
the woman was filled
with hope;
hope that there were still
people in the world who
"did the right thing" 
and who still
listened to and
obeyed the Lord.

As she went about her day,
Holy Spirit kept whispering,
"Hold onto the promises."

And the more He whispered,
the more lighthearted she became.

the Lord had made
promises to her;
promises of
provision & abundance;
promises of blessings so 
full & overflowing
that she would have more
than enough to
share with and
to bless 

"Hold onto the promises", 

This is exactly what she 
intended to do;
to hold onto them
and not let go
until the Lord
brought these things to pass.

Because He IS faithful.
He does NOT lie.
His promises ARE true.
And the answer to her prayers is,


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