Wednesday, August 1, 2012

& Sacrifice

My immediate need has been met.
Mission accomplished.
As I trusted,
He provided.

His ways are  innumerable.
Yet, He so delights in
using His people to bless others.
As His children extend grace & generosity,
His nature is demonstrated.

Having been told by Him
to depend on no one but Him,
I am always amazed when others
act in obedience to the nudges of His Spirit.


Using resources to bless others,
without restrictions, limitations,
or expecting anything in return,
is a selfless act.

To hold on too tightly
to what we have is a common error
in our society.

All provision is a gift from Him,
regardless of the method
of obtainment.

To give freely 
is to
bless Him.

There are others in my life
who are facing difficult challenges as well.
Though I cannot provide for them
the way in which I have been provided for,
I give them what I do have to give;
words of life & encouragement,
prayers for provision & blessing.

I ask our Heavenly Father
to provide for them by whatever means
He chooses.

What a blessing it is
to be used by God
in whatever manner or capacity
He sees fit.

Never underestimate the power 
and blessing
of your sacrifice and obedience.

A willing
obedient heart
is never disappointed.


  1. First, what wonderful words of wisdom! Blessing others IS the most wonderful of gifts, and prayer is a sacrifice. Sometimes we think 'if only had more money to give', when God wants us to give of ourselves, our time, our prayers.
    Thanks so much for the encouragement to DO for others!


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