Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When Nothing Makes Sense – Part 2

A few days before my grandmother passed away
(May 2003),
as I sat beside her bed,
she implored me,
“Please don’t move to Yerington.
You will have a lot of turmoil there.”

And in the next breath,
she conceded,
 “Ah. But you will move.
 You have to.”

 As I sat there a little taken aback,
 I didn’t know what to say.
So I didn’t say anything.

Eight months later,
we moved.

In Acts, chapter 21,
after the Apostle Paul
had decided to return to Jerusalem,
a man stepped forward and told him
that if he returned 
He would be imprisoned.

Paul went.
He was arrested.
He was eventually transported back to Rome
and remained a prisoner until his death;
all the while proclaiming
the Love of Christ to everyone he encountered.

God sees the whole picture of our lives.
We only see bits and pieces at a time.
Holy Spirit speaks,
we obey,
we walk by Faith
and not
by sight.
Two days ago,
My fourteen year old daughter said to me,
“Mom, if we hadn’t moved here,
we wouldn’t be in this (tumultuous) situation.
And if we had stayed
(in California),
we wouldn’t be where we are now,
~ Spiritually.
We had to come here.”

Smart girl.

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