Monday, January 17, 2011

God Thoughts No. Three

"All we need is love, love. Love is all we need."

Jesus said that the world would know us (His Body) by our love for one another.

Body of Christ, I ask, are we loving one another?
Do our communities know us because of our love for one another?
Do we stand out as the embodiment of love?
Are we loving our co-workers and classmates?
Are our families known for being loving toward one another and others?
Are we loving others unconditionally and openly upon every encounter?
OR do we show love only to those who come to our buildings and attend our meetings?
Do we really see people or are we simply looking through them?
Do we esteem others higher than ourselves-even those the world calls worthless?
OR do we esteem only those whom we deem worthy?

Just wondering.
Love and blessings!  ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.
    Agape love really is supernatural!
    Loving the unloveable

  2. Thanks for commenting, oh, and reading mt blog! :)
    Agape love is supernatural, yes, but He loves to have willing, my last question...who's willing?

  3. Awesome blog! I completely agree.

    God's really been challenging me on this lately. I've been realizing how much our experiences with people effect our willingness to love them. Based on the past, we prejudge people and how likely they are to hurt us and then withhold our love accordingly. How unlike Jesus.


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