Friday, August 24, 2012

God Thoughts No. Sixty Six

I had a funny little thought this morning;
a thought, I am sure, I have seen
written on a sign some where.

It was:
"The more I am around people,
the more I like my cat(s)" - 

Since one cat is
severely mischievous
and the other is
severely neurotic,
that doesn't say much about
 the human race!

Then I asked myself why I prefer my cat(s)
over people.
The answer was,
"Because you have suffered great injury by people."

Indeed, I have.

Then the Lord said,
"But the injuries you  have incurred from people
have driven you into a deeper relationship with me
and a deeper understanding of my Grace."

this is true.

While every day has the potential 
for injury from others,
the opportunities to go
deeper with God abound!

Taking a risk with people
is definitely worth
the blessings & benefits
of the One who created them!

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