Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lessons on Piety (or is it Lessons on Relationship?) - Act 1

There are so many things the Lord has been teaching me.
If I had the time and fortitude, I could fill volumes!
Ha ha ha!
 Oh how pious of me!
He he he.
Anyway, here's a little scenario I thought I'd share.
I wonder if anyone else out there in "blogland" has ever experienced something similar?
~Or, perhaps, this is purely a fictional situation!?~
Whatever the case, I hope you get a snicker or two out of it!
I sure did!

Friend #1                                                         
Friend #2
Friend #3

Four friends have gathered at Hostess' home for a small meal and fun game.

The four lady friends are gathered around a table, sharing a bite to eat and anticipating a friendly game to soon be played.

Friend #1 (to Hostess): "Will you be going over the game rules before we start?"
Hostess: "Oh, yes, of course!

Friend #1: Oh good! Because I have forgotten how to play."

Friend #2: Oh, me too! I'm so glad you'll be going over it again!"

Friend #1: "My brain just doesn't remember useless things any more."

Friend #3: "Oh, mine either! I just don't have time to remember useless information!"

All the while, Hostess is sitting at the table, smiling; thinking that it's probably a good thing that her brain has remembered this "useless information" or else they wouldn't be having a game at all!

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