Thursday, January 3, 2013

So Far this Year...

January 1, 2013
More Faith. Less fear.
This is my resolution.
I want to do and be all that God wants 
without fear; without hesitation.
This is my resolution.
More Faith. No fear.

January 2, 2013
Who can I bless today?
This is my motto.
Every day I will ask, 

I have a friend in need; a dear, sweet, young friend who is hurting. 
I long to comfort her, to be by her side and to give her a hug. 
She indicates that she wishes I could be there to hug her. 
To go to her would mean an 80 mile drive-one way 
and 80 miles back. 
It’s going to cost me. 
It doesn't matter. 
She matters.
And the kids-
I have to arrange for them to get where they’re going later in the day. 
I will give their friend gas money to “taxi” them. 
I have $10.00 in my purse. 
I will give him that.

Gas station,  $25.00 because it’s all I can “afford” and it will get me where I am going and back. 
A woman asking for “help”: gas for her vehicle. 
She and her husband are “stranded”; out of state license plates; trying to get back to Oklahoma. 
I tell her I can do $5.00 on my debit card because I don’t have any cash. 
She says that $5.00 would be great. 
Swiped debit card, began pumping gas. 
Didn't stop at $5.00; kept going. 
Tried to stop at $10.00; went to $10.15. 
Husband remarked, “Wow! She put in 10!” 
People (at other pumps) are watching; probably thinking I’m a “sucker”. 
I don’t care.
Husband and wife thank me profusely; speak a blessing over me.

On the road again, behind the couple I just pumped gas for. 
They pull into the next gas station, 
likely to repeat the same process all over again until they have a full tank. 
I wish I could have filled their tank. 
Perhaps I should have filled their tank?
 But I was thinking about my bank account and my bills. 
More faith – complete faith – would have filled up their tank. 
I would have liked to have filled up their tank and given them some cash. 
I don’t have any cash.

They were regular looking people.
 Just like me. 
Their car was decent. 
Their clothes were clean. 
They were clean. 
Are they just out scamming people? 
Who cares? 
They asked for help and I helped them. 
Well, I blessed them. 
I did what Jesus did. 
He helped when people asked. 
He said for us to do likewise. 
Their lives and their motives are between them and Him. 
And my response to His leading is between Him and me.
 Bless them Lord; that couple I bought gas for. 
Perhaps they are angels among us. 
Either way, bless them.
 And bless the others as well; the people who were watching; bless them.
May they be inspired to be generous and to bless others too.

Funny, a friend offered to top off my gas tank for me, 
but in my anxiousness to get on the road I didn't call her back. 
If I had, I would have been at a different gas station at a different time. 
I would have missed out on this whole experience.

I only want to do the most I can do; 
not the least I can do. 
Lord, did I only do the least I could do? 
Even though that $10.15 was part of my grocery “budget”, 
should I have filled their tank? 

We’ll see what happens next time.


  1. wonderful! going to join you in this new year and choose more faith, less fear. God knew I needed to read this today. In tears. good & happy ones :)
    God bless your sweet and giving heart.

    1. :) I am constantly amazed at the way God works and at how He is so patient and willing to stay by our side in order to guide us along.
      Blessings to and on you sweet cousin!

  2. wow- such a wonderful post Lysa- inspiring and humbling at the same time. I read it 3 times- I want this message to sink in.

    1. I'm glad it touched you Tracey. I am both amazed and excited by the things God longs to teach and show us. I can't wait to see what this year unfolds!
      Blessings friend! <3


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