Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Power & Might

Not by power.
Not by might.
But by the spirit of the Lord.

I have learned to revel in my weakness.
It is in my weakness that He is strong.
Not because He is weak if I am strong.
But because when I am weak, 
I allow His strength to come forth.

I have learned that the faster I say,
“Not in my own strength, but in Yours Lord” 
the sooner I am on the path of perfection.

Not that everything goes smoothly and perfectly, 
but that I know I am on the path of His choosing.
Not the path of least resistance, 
but the path of His divine will for my life.

I have learned, 
when faced with a dilemma, challenge or decision, 
to follow the way of peace.
Not that the whole road is peaceful, rather, 
I am filled with the peace of knowing 
that at the end of the road,
 the outcome will be good.

All things work together for good.
 God works all things out for good.
Not just some things, 
~all things. 
Not just big or important things, 
~ all things.
And even the things that we mess up. 
Yes, all things.

~If we allow Him to.

Not by (my) power.
Not by (my) might.
But by the spirit, leading and guidance of the Lord!

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