Friday, January 11, 2013

Life, Lessons & Love

To love people more – 
the way that Jesus does. 
For the past few years now, 
this has been one of the major lessons of my life.

My heart is heavy.
My heart is heavy for all the people in my life 
who are hurting;
For those whose 
lives, hearts and spirits 
are broken.

The Lord gives me knowledge, insight, a look 
at what is going on inside of them.
He fills me with love and empathy 
so I am able – 
blessed – 
to be able to share in their suffering. 
This is what it means to 
bear one another’s burdens.

We all need to know that 
we’re not alone and 
to have just one person 
who remains true and consistent; 
who does not judge 
or incessantly need to 
make their opinion known, 
but who loves, comforts and encourages.

It is the greatest commandment – 
to Love.

And to love truly is to love unconditionally.

To love unconditionally 
is look beyond everything else 
and into a person’s soul,
 without comment or judgment, 
and to say, 
“You have value and worth.”

Jesus did this for me. 
So what right do I have 
to do any less for anyone else?

The only right we really have is - 
to Love.

In fact, it is a right and a privilege.
I only wish more people would see it as such.

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