Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fear Not

We have a cat that is a bit neurotic.
She is, literally, afraid of her own shadow.

This morning she was peacefully eating at her dish. 
But as I walked by her, 
she darted away as if I was going to harm her.

I shook my head and said to her, 
“Tahoe, it really hurts my feelings when you run away from me. 
I take care of you. 
When have I ever hurt you?”

Then I saw the Lord smiling at me.
He said, 
“Now you know how I feel 
whenever my children are afraid.
 There is no need to fear -
the world, people, circumstances, 
the future
or anything else.

I am your Father and I take care of you.
 The amount of fear, 
anxiety, nervousness 
and doubt in your heart 
reveals your true level of trust in Me.”

Much fear = Little trust.
No fear = Perfect trust.

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