Monday, January 14, 2013


“Keep It Simple Sweetie.”

Loving words of wisdom whispered in my ear
by a loving Savior.
The more I get to know the Lord, 
the simpler life and relationship with Him becomes.

I think in the end we will find:
That the things we thought mattered most 
– don’t;

That the things we thought we knew 
– we didn't;

That we twisted too many Scriptures to fit our own agendas
 - instead of allowing it to have its perfect way in our hearts;

That we prayed more prayers for others according to our own wills 
- rather than according to God’s will;

That the judgments we felt justified in passing 
– weren't justified at all;

And that we made relationship with Him 
and with people 
- far more difficult than it had to be.

Oh to be more like you Jesus!

Thank you that it is accomplished in You 
and that all we have to do is 

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