Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wednesday evening has become the evening that my husband and I look forward to.
It is the night when the children are out for a few hours 
and it’s just the hubby and me 
(and the animals of course).

I have never been a woman to plan time away from her children, 
but instead, have learned to treasure and covet every moment with them 
(that’s another post for another time),
 but I do enjoy Wednesday evenings with my hubby!

Some Wednesdays we have really great conversation 
and catch up with each other on all that’s been going on in our lives;
 comparing notes, laughing, and sometimes crying together.

Some Wednesdays are “one-sided” conversations 
with one of us venting while the other listens.

And some Wednesdays are spent side-by-side on the sofa 
silently watching a movie while holding hands and simply “being” together.

Last night was one of the holding hands, movie nights. 

As my hubs reached over to hold my hand 
I looked at him and mentally poured my love out to him. 
He must have felt it 
because when he looked over at me, 
I could feel his love too. 

No words were needed. 
We simply sat, poured and received 
(all while watching a movie!).

As I was reflecting on it this morning, 
the Lord reminded me of how my marriage 
reflects my relationship with Him.

Some days the Lord and I  have great two-way conversations 
and some days I spout and vent.

Sometimes He does all the talking to 
(and through) me 
and sometimes we simply sit and “be” 
while pouring out our Love for one another.

In His infinite wisdom, 
God sent Jesus so that we could relate to Him 
and have personal relationship with Him.

 Jesus calls Himself the Bridegroom 
because a marriage is designed to be the most intimate of all relationships.
 And He desires intimacy with each of us.

Jesus is amazing!
He is Lover, friend, husband, daddy, healer, counselor;
 He is our All-in-All.

Do you know Him in this way?
If not, 
you can!
 It is never too late. 
He remains constantly by your side, 
waiting for you to tell Him 
that you desire to know Him more.

You won’t be sorry –
Simply say,
"I do"!


  1. This was a wonderful glimpse into the beautiful soul of a woman I am so glad to have gotten to know over the years. I hope one day to find that same love you have. Love you Lysa!! :)

    1. How sweet Carrie! Thanks so much! Love you too :)

  2. Thank you Lysa for sharing your intimate relationship with your husband and God both. You can't image how much your words spoke to me.

    Actually, possibly by God's hand I ended of clicking the wrong post on google reader and went to The Well because it was at the top of your reader -whatever, I still don't understand google. The point is I left her a message thinking I was talking to you. But her post was one that I now know I needed to read. Then I found my way back to you to another post with the exact message I needed. God is so good.

    I appreciate your friendship and love so much. Thank you for reaching out and commenting on Mattie while I hurt so much for her. It's so comforting to know you care.

    All my love to you...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute


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