Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marriage Confession

For the past several days, 
Holy Spirit has been reminding me of just how hard the enemy works 
at destroying marriages.

Because Jesus calls Himself the Bridegroom 
and us His Bride, 
Satan absolutely despises good marriages 
and will make all attempts to destroy them.

As I was thinking about all of the great (and valid) 
advice I could give for cultivating a healthy marriage, 
the Lord had me reflect upon the past twenty two years of 
my own marriage.

As I thought about how a good marriage must be both partners
 giving one hundred percent, 
one hundred percent of the time, 
the Lord brought to mind 
many of the sacrifices 
my dear husband has made on my behalf.

The things Holy Spirit brought to mind 
were things that I had not ever before thought of as
 “true sacrifices” but rather as “duty”.

As I pondered each thing God showed to me,
 I really listened 
as He revealed to me why 
the hubs sacrificed those things.

In each of the things He showed me, 
the deciding factor in my husband 
changing his mind,
 moving onto something else, 
giving up a particular pursuit, 
dream or friendship was
 – GULP – 
my own fear and selfishness
 – EEK!

Never once
 has my husband thrown those things in my face
 nor given into the temptation to resent or begrudge me.


My wonderfully loving husband 
has sacrificed so much on my behalf 
simply and miraculously because he loves me!

He loves me with the sacrificing love of Christ.
It is so very humbling and yet truly phenomenal.

And so, in return, 
I have determined that from this day forward,
 as he has done for me, 
I will actively demonstrate my love for him 
by looking to satisfy his needs 
while putting off my own selfish whims.

Because truly, 
this is the greatest secret
 to a happy and successful marriage!

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