Thursday, May 31, 2012

The End of Cynicism

Last evening I stopped by some friends’ house for a quick visit.
Just as I was getting ready to leave I heard some music. 
I looked around (and at my cell phone) for its source. 
Neither of my friends heard it, 
so we figured it had either come from a neighbor’s house or from a car that had driven by.

As I got into my car and began to drive away, I heard the music again. 
It was a soft “chimey” music with a chorus of voices in the distance. 
Once again, I looked around, checked my cell phone, and the car radio (it was OFF).

I drove home with my ears open and my mind turning.
It had occurred to me that I had heard music from heaven. 

I continued to listen all the way home and even after I arrived home, 
but I did not hear it again.

Then last night/early this morning,
 I had a dream about my mom (who is in heaven).
 There was another woman with her whom I could not see. 
But they were laughing joyous, raucous, laughter. 
I asked my mom who was with her. 
She turned and looked at me and said, “Oh Honey!”, then turned away. 
I simply replied, “Huh”. 
Then the dream ended.

When I got up this morning, the dream was fresh in my mind.
As I logged onto social media, 
I saw that someone had posted something about a person passing away,
 but did not mention a name. 
I knew immediately who it was and 
that she was the one with my mom in the dream!

I then proceeded to text message a friend who is related to the person whom I suspected
 and she confirmed that it was, indeed, whom I thought it was.

An hour or so later I thought about the music I had heard yesterday evening 
and it struck me that this dear friend had gone to be with Jesus
 at the precise time I had heard that music!

I had actually heard heaven welcoming my sweet friend 
into the presence of the Lord!

What an amazing privilege!

Why would God allow me such an honor?

Maybe because this woman was such a sweet friend to both my mom and to me.

Maybe because He delights in communing with His children 
and sharing intimate things with them.

Maybe because He is the same yesterday, today, and for forever. 

He did miracles then.
He does miracles today. 
He will continue to do miracles for forever.

And maybe it is because He is tired of the cynicism which surrounds us.

Two days before my mom left earth, 
Holy Spirit showed me, in a vision,
 what her entry into heaven looked like.

When she did leave,
 Holy Spirit (immediately) began revealing to me 
the cynicism within my own mind.
He began showing me things of heaven that my mind had previously resisted 
because of the corruption from outside influences.

Every day He reveals to me 
more and more 
of the Spirit realm 
and it is amazing.

He desires for His children to see Him in the fullness of His glory. 
He delights in sharing with them the “secret” things of heaven. 

Jesus made it possible 
and Holy Spirit is here to proclaim that 
the End of Cynicism is here and now!

As one determines to “put off” cynicism, 
Holy Spirit springs to action. 

The things He reveals to you may seem strange at first, 
but stick with Him!

For truly, 
the knowledge of the Lord
 is the best knowledge to obtain!

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