Thursday, May 17, 2012

God Thoughts No. Sixty One

I have shared previously (and numerously)
 that several years ago the Lord began 
a paradigm shift in my thinking of and 
in my relationship with Him. 

In the midst of it, 
He told me to 
throw out everything I had ever been taught about Him 
and to allow His Spirit to show me who He really is.

As I have presumed to know nothing 
except Christ, 
it has become increasingly clear 
that because I, indeed, know Jesus, 
I know everything. 

As Holy Spirit reveals things to me (daily), 
I actually come into the fullness of the knowledge of Him.

It is a breathtaking and amazing experience. 
To describe this experience as “sublime” 
only begins to hint at the extraordinariness of it.

And equally amazing and exciting is that
 this knowledge of Him is available to every person.

Jesus came to make God accessible to everyone! 
He took what was “difficult” and made it 

It really IS as easy as saying, 
“Yes! I want to know You, Lord!”

He can’t help but answer the sincere heart-cry to know Him more.
In fact, He has implanted that desire into every living human being.
 And when that person responds 
to what He has already placed inside of him, 
Holy Spirit springs into action; 
exceedingly glad to be of service!


Want to know Him more?
Then ask!!! 
He WILL deliver!



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