Tuesday, May 22, 2012

God Thoughts No. Sixty Two

I just love how the moment I am tempted to be 
thoroughly annoyed with a person;
Holy Spirit reminds me that He loves them 
just as much as He loves me.
I then allow all annoyance to fall away 
and I am restored to Peace.

God has no favorites.
He loves all of mankind completely and equally.
People may not like it,
But that is the Truth of it.

It is because of God’s perfect Love 
that Christ came.
While people may view the saying,
“Jesus hates sin but loves the one committing the sin,”
as cliché, 
it is absolutely true as well.

Jesus said that the world
 would recognize His followers 
by their Love for one another 
~and others.

He continually reminds me of this.
And as I am constantly aware of His presence in me,
I am better able to emulate His Love;
Thus, proving to the world, that Love truly does win.

He IS Amazing God!

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