Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seasons of the Soul

Every season of life has a purpose.
Seasons of adversity are allowed by God so as to teach, correct and bless those who call Him Lord.
It isn't a cliche, it's a promise.

When we moved to Yerington, we entered into a season of  (literal) poverty.
Like Job, we have been stipped of financial assets and have suffered  physical affliction.
Our children, thankfully, remain alive and well - Hallelujah!
But our family has been through (and continues in) some amazing trials.
We quickly learned that satan intends for poverty to be not only a physical affliction,
but a spiritual affliction as well.

We have been brought low so as to see ourselves as we are truly are
while learning to see God as He truly is.

He is amazing and beautiful to behold.
Though His ways are not our ways, He knows what is best.
His ways are perfect.

We have learned to live the declaration which we so often made in Sunday morning worship;
 that is "to praise Him every season of our souls".


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