Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poverty Status

Some who read my last post may think I was being a little bit melodramatic.
After all, we still have a roof over our heads and vehicles we drive around in.
This is true, but only by the grace of God and the obedience of His people.

When we moved to Yerington, we were considered Upper-Middle Class by U.S. Economic Standards.
We had money in both savings and IRA accounts, sizable life insurance policies and a decent health insurance plan.

 Having been stripped of all of those things, we are now considered,
Middle-Lower Class by those same standards.
We now qualify for (and have used) Food Stamps, Utility Assistance and State Funded health insurance (for the children).
Look around and you'll find there are people like us in your very own neighborhood.
And I daresay that those who "abuse the system" are the exception rather than the rule.

Anyway, God, in His perfect wisdom, knew that, for us, it would become so, and in-as-such, He strategically placed people in our lives whom He would use to dramatically impact us.
People whom, unbeknownst to them, would play a significant role in our
physical, spiritual and financial well-being.
People who have said, "Yes", to God.

For the past several years now we have truly depended upon God for our financial well-being;
that is, paying the bills (at least most of them).
And because we have remained in faith and because He is good, He has provided.
For a short season it was through the above mentioned (State Assistance) method, but for the past two years it has been through the obedience of the above mentioned (Yes to God) people.

Every month, from this very small group of people,
we receive either food, household items or money - usually, ALL three.
It is by their obedience and generosity that we remain clothed, fed, housed and transported.
What makes this situation even more amazing is that none of these people are rich by any means.
Most of them give to us out of their own need.
Their example of love and obedience is inspiring for sure.
(I will also interject here that on occasion or two, we have received money from friends of these friends-people whom we don't even know- because they too have purposed to obey God's leading).

 God's demonstration of His great love for us through the love and provision of these people is
water for a thirsty soul.
This is extravagant Love.

You might be wondering why Bob and I don't go to work.
We do! Bob works full time and I work part-time.
We aren't "dead beats", "scavengers" or "abusers of the system".
We are simply a family following God and learning an abundance of lessons along the way.
God, in His sovereignty, moved us to a place where wages are lower than "average" and benefits, scarce.
Not because He is sadistic, but because He knows what is best. His ways are perfect.

Most Sojourners and Missionaries live by Faith in God's Provision through the support of other people.
This season has been training. God knew that we wouldn't survive had He thrust this upon us all at once. So, little-by-little, He has been preparing us; stretching, increasing and strengthening our faith. And when the time is right, we will begin the next chapter of our journey; a new season.

I could fill Blog pages with the things that we have learned -
all of us; our family and those who have helped us along the way,
but that would take days!

One thing I will say is that we have all learned what a Blessing it is to give to others out of our own need.
We have all been blessed with having been in positions of giving out of our abundance, but to learn to give out of one's own need is...
And honestly, each time we do, God Blesses us all even More!!!

As I began writing this (yesterday), I was wondering and asking God why He wanted me to share all of this - to lay bare some of the details of our lives.
His answer was that, for me, it is yet (another) lesson in humility, vulnerability, realness and courage.

I wonder what reading/hearing it is for you?

Blessings upon blessings to you my friend!

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  1. Dear Lysa, it's so courageous of you to post this. So MANY people who never in a million years saw this economy coming are experiencing the same things. We all we're thinking that our generation was better off than the ones before. We saw the newest adults buying homes and cars that at such young ages that we once considered the range for only wealthy people.

    Food stamps and assistance has lost it's negative stigma that it once had. People are seeing neighbors lose their homes. Life has taken a dramatic turn and it's scary. Without the hope of God I don't know how people go on each day.

    Thanks for sharing not only your losses and difficulties but your faith and blessing that you have received as a result of them. Our lifestyle has changed dramatically too. I hope that I learn to find safety in God and not the tangible things that I thought provided it.

    God Bless you, Lysa.
    XO's...Tracy :)


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