Thursday, June 9, 2011


It dawned on me this morning that this is a year of many milestones for the Humildad Family.
No, really, I haven't been in denial.
 Just a little slow perhaps.
Whatever the case, I'd say that I'm relatively excited about the new things going on around here!

Our oldest child, Jenna Lianne, turned 18 in March and is set to "officially" graduate High School on June 12.
This is a bittersweet moment for Mr. and Mrs. H. - sad, yet exciting.
Naturally, we're sad to realize that our little "Jellyanne" is on her way out of our door, yet equally excited to watch her embark upon the next part of her own journey.
She can't wait!

Our middle child, Geoff Griffin, will turn 16 in December and is excitedly looking forward to getting his Driving Permit in just a couple of short weeks.
Mr. H. is a bit less apprehensive than Mrs. H. about this great news.
It is Mrs. H. whom, after all, will spend most of the time in a moving vehicle with the boy. (!)
Overall, we're pretty excited for him though.

And our baby, Sarah Amanda, will turn 13 in July.
My, my, where did the time go?
Mr. and Mrs. H. are having a bit of difficulty with the realization that the baby is about to officially become a teenager. Nevermind that she's already 12 going on 20!
Sarah is excited though because this is the first year she is old enough to go on a trip (to another state!) for a Youth Conference which she has been looking forward to for quite some time.
We are very excited for her. She's going to have a blast!

As for Mr. and Mrs. H...
We are humbly blessed by these children whom God entrusted into our care.
And quite frankly, we look forward to the next set of milestones!

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