Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thoughts on Holiday Shopping

For the past several years, the Lord and I have really been simplifying my life. I have been pondering over this a lot lately, especially with Christmas quickly approaching.

In my determination to be led by His Spirit, I have been seeking Him out as to how He would have me go about my holiday shopping. With resounding clarity He has told me to keep it inexpensive, to keep it simple and to keep it personal.

By this, He means to support my community by shopping at my local businesses, online from my friends who have personal websites (ie. Etsy), and to really consider each person as I am shopping. He has reminded me to follow His leading so that I will spend the right amount on the right things.

I would encourage you to also do likewise. Check out the Etsy website (http://www.etsy.com/) which has endless goodies, and other websites by people you know. If you know others who handcraft items, phone them up and see what they have for sale this season! It's a wonderful way not only to support one another, but to give some really wonderful gifts to the people we love!

Here are some of my favorites that I hope you'll check out!


Be sure to check out my blog site for a complete list and links to more of my favorites!
Happy shopping and many blessings!

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