Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Nation Under...What?

It has become
pretty clear
that America
no longer stands 
together as
One Nation Under God.

Instead, it appears,
we have become
a nation divided between
a couple of political parties.

To have become a people
who allow a
political party,
lobbyist group
to define who we are
ethically, morally and religiously
is ridiculous,
if not,
down right scary
because none of them
accurately represent 
who God is.

If the Lord was here,
He would say - 
oh wait!
He IS here!

And He is saying,
those who will,
and follow Me.
you and I 
will change the world
as we usher in the 
Kingdom of Heaven."

"Under God"
has always been
and continues to be 
the standard by which I live.
 He is the One
with whom I partner
and work.
Because, truly,
He is the only One
with the solution to
all of our problems.

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