Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Jesus Didn't Do

As I think about
the things that
Jesus did and
the example He set,
I am both struck
moved by the things
that He didn't do.

When people went  to Him
with their needs,
He did not reproach them.
He didn't ask,
"Have you heard the gospel message?
Did you go forward during the altar call?"
He didn't first 
point out to them all of their faults
accuse them of 
"not doing anything to help themselves".
He did not despise their poverty,
 demand that they account for
every penny they had spent
in the past twelve months,
nor did He hand them a cup
marked "Urine Sample".
He did not look at them in disgust, 
ignore them
or turn His back on them
because they weren't living their lives
the way that He thought they ought
or because they weren't
contributing enough to society.
He did
of these things.
He looked at them,
He saw them,
He knew them,
He had compassion upon them. 
He fed them,
He healed them,
He was a friend to them,
He loved them.
He granted their requests.

He did ALL of this
And after He DID 
all these things,
He said to us,
"Do, likewise, 
all that I have done

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