Friday, November 9, 2012

Rant With a Purpose

Every so often,
something will rise up so strongly within me
that it's impossible for me
to remain silent.
This is one of those times.

The "Christian Conservative" response
to the election results has been
heart-wrenchingly appalling.

If we would
put as much time, energy and effort
into helping our neighbors in need
as we did in screaming at them 
to go out and vote
as we do in
demonizing people, 
blaming the government for all of our problems
and griping about everything else,
I am certain we would actually
in each other's lives
and bring about real change.

One day a few weeks ago,
I took our last thirty something dollars
to the grocery store and purchased
some "staples";
milk, eggs, bread, etc.
The things I purchased needed to last
us for about ten days.

The next morning,
as I opened the refrigerator
to make my husband's breakfast
and lunch,
Holy Spirit said,
"(Someone) needs half of what you purchased yesterday."

So, I contacted that family 
and asked if they needed some bread, milk and eggs.
The response was a resounding,  "YES!"
They were out of money,
out of food 
they were having mechanical problems
with their vehicle.
I took the food to them that same afternoon.

A day or two later,
I woke up with the weight of the knowledge that
my husband was going to need gas for his vehicle
that evening if he was going to make it home.
 I whispered my request to God,
said, "I trust You Jesus,"
and went about my day.

That evening,
about thirty minutes before my husband was
to leave work,
a friend handed me fifty dollars and said,
"The Lord said you need gas money," 
I was able to deposit it into the bank
just in time for my husband to go and get gas.

A couple of days after that,
I was handed one hundred dollars
with the comment,
"Obedience is rewarded."
At first,
I had no idea what the comment meant.
Then the giver looked at me and said,
"As you help others, you'll be helped as well." 


I hadn't given a second thought
to the fact that I had shared our food
with another family.
It was simply the right thing to do.

No, my response to Holy Spirit
had not solved all of their problems
(or mine),
but my obedience did allow
for both of our families 
to eat for a couple of days.

And yes,
it appeared to take away 
from my own family's provisions,
but I am certain
that if I had chosen
to ignore what
Holy Spirit said to me,
I would have missed out
on the other blessings He had for us.

What kind of people are we
that we would allow our fellow 
our neighbors,
our friends,
our families
to go hungry
simply because 
of harsh judgments,
 selfish ambitions,
self-righteous attitudes?

"Christian Conservatism"
is the face of
I certainly want nothing to do with it!

Lord help us!

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