Thursday, June 21, 2012


"...don't worry about your life - 
what you will eat or drink: 
or about your body - 
what you will wear... 
can you by worrying add a single hour to your life? 
Your heavenly Father knows your needs. 
Seek first His kingdom and 
His righteousness and 
all these things will be given to you.
 Don't worry about tomorrow -
 tomorrow will worry about itself! 
Today has enough of its own troubles."
Matthew 25, 27, 32b-34

So far, in my life, 
this has proven to be the most difficult lesson
 for me to learn.

Having been stripped of nearly everything,
  I have had ample opportunity 
to work on it though.

In the process
I have learned much,
both, about myself
and about God.

I have learned that 
there is still a lot of work to be done - 
in me.

And I have re-realized
that knowing 
(or getting to know)
is a life-long adventure.

Every day I am coming into
the fullness of His glory.

But somewhere along the way,
I realize, that I have misplaced
Hope & Joy
and have lost my zeal for

In Philippians 4,
Paul talks about learning to be content.

And, in fact, for years
I have quoted verse 11 to myself,
over and over again, 
in order that I would
"remember" to be content.

But this morning,
Holy Spirit revealed to me
that I have been misquoting this verse to myself 
~ for years!

You see, Paul says,
"I have learned to be content regardless of circumstances."

But Holy Spirit lovingly pointed out to me 
that I need to follow that verse through with the next two verses
which actually finish the thought.

Here's what verses 12-13 say,
"I know what it is to be in want, 
and I know what it is to have more than enough -
 in everything and in every way 
I have learned the secret of being full and being hungry, 
of having abundance and being in need. 
I can do all things through Christ who gives me power."

The secret is ~
being content 
~ in HIM - 

All this time 
I have been beating myself up;
attempting to be content
in my circumstances - 
good or bad...

When all along
I should have really been 
learning to be content 

In Jesus there is Hope.

In Jesus there is fullness of Joy.

In Jesus there is Life.

Now that I see more clearly,
for the sake of my family
and for my health,
I pray that I can quickly return to



  1. Abide & rest - my 2 favorite past times. Thank you for sharing your heart. xo

  2. Hi Lysa, so interesting. yesterday, in church service, the Pastor quoted this verse. Learning to be content in ALL circumstances. I made it a point to say that when I arrived home, I would meditate on these verses again. I did. Then this morning, I dove into them, yet again. Our family is in a season of change as well. Selling our home, the kids moving out, my husband "closing" down "shop" and seeking predictable income (job), having to rely & trust in the Lord, even more so, as we attempt to find us a place to rent come Fall. I will lift you up in my prayers, and pray the Lord give you continued peace, joy & wisdom for the next steps ahead.

    God bless you very much!



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