Wednesday, June 27, 2012

God Thoughts No. Sixty Four

If we aren't constantly changing & growing,
we become stagnant & stunted.

To demand of others
what we deem as correct;
(impose our will upon others)
is proud & arrogant.

Even God does not do that.

Certainly, there are absolutes;
God is good.
He never changes.
Jesus is Messiah;
the Way, the truth & the Life -
the only Way to the Father.

Yet, even still,
He has given us

He has already chosen us
provided the path to His glory.

And He, 
ever so patiently,
waits -
for us to choose Him back.

Why, then,
do we cast each other off
if we choose not to conform
to one another's thinking?

Even God does not do that.

He waits,
ever so patiently,
for us to choose
to be transformed;
by the reality of His
His tyranny.

I have chosen
to be continually
from the conformity of the world,
into the wonderful creation which
He has designed for me to be,
rather than into what
others think
I ought to be.

I choose also,
to allow you
to be transformed,
by Him,
into what He
has designed for you to be.

For truly,
Father knows best!

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